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According to studies, Gen Zs don’t fancy long intros. If you can’t capture their attention or pass your message quickly, they can swipe off the rest of your hard work without a rethink. So, many industries, especially social media networks, are improving their utilities to let users reach their target audiences without hassles.

If you think of where to find massive videos, you think of YouTube. But now, it has harnessed many models from its rivals like TikTok as its stepping stone to growth. With over 70 billion daily views as per 2023 data, YouTube Shorts is the platform’s most popular short video feature.

For instance, from its old-school 6-minute vlogs, you can now find entertaining motion pictures spanning 60 seconds or less. TikTok’s vertical, addictive bite-sized clips have continued to create a worldwide sensation. Conversely, YouTube can brag about its astonishing successes and advances.

Did you know that YouTube Shorts have helped businesses make millions? Also, it has helped influencers become famous because it pushed them further and further into the algorithm. Through the intriguing facts compiled in this article, we will disclose interesting things you probably didn’t know about YouTube shorts and why many people take them seriously. Let’s set off.

Key YouTube Shorts Statistics

  1. Shorts on YouTube can get up to fifty billion views in just one day.
  2. Among the watch times recorded on this platform, about 70% of them come through mobile phones.
  3. Most of the Shorts content is less than 15 seconds.
  4. YouTube spent up to 100 dollars to release the Shorts feature.
  5. The number of people using the platform makes up for the rising popularity of Shorts. According to the latest data, this number has already reached 2 billion.
  6. You can gain lasting subscribers by just posing Short content.
  7. The number of people viewing Short posts reached 2 billion in April last year.

Interesting Facts About Shorts

Interesting Facts About Shorts

Shorts began in 2020 when YouTube made it accessible in India, and since then, this function has continued to gain traction. As time went by, the team thought of ways to improve user experience on the platform, which brought to life the TikTok feature in Shorts.

This feature allows users to fine-tune existing audio clips from videos and use the audio in pictures they post. Interestingly, more than five million users quickly adopted this function in two years, reflecting its wide acceptance from new and existing YouTube users.

While earning more cash on YouTube is easier with long videos, the rising adoption of these pieces of short content resulted in the platform monetizing it. Nonetheless, if you want to make decent money off your skills, you can join these creators and secure your spot on the platform early.

Crucial YouTube Shorts Statistics Worth Knowing

Crucial YouTube Shorts Statistics

1. Over 70% of YouTube Watch Time is Through Mobile Phones.

Raise your hand if you mostly watch YouTube on your phone rather than a computer or T.V. Without a doubt, you could be reading this post from your Android or iPhone right now! No surprises here! According to records, over 70% of all views accumulated on YouTube come from our mobilesWe have our phones within reach 24/7. News, music, classes, research, and many other daily activities are achieved with it presently.

That’s why it’s no shocker YouTube Shorts has blown up so fast! The team behind this service realized we wanted to scroll endlessly through vertical interfaces, so their best bet is these bite-sized clips made for mobile phones. Moreover, with mobile viewing dominating how we consume YouTube today, expect Shorts’ popularity to keep skyrocketing! 

2. In the World, YouTube “Shorts” Views Break Above 50 Billion Every Day.

Don’t be shocked that this figure is just a minor level compared to what the platform reaches cumulatively. When “Shorts” first commenced in India, the daily views hit 3.5 billion in 2020 and 6.5 billion views daily in March after a year. That’s because “Shorts” began to be discovered on YouTube by people in the U.S. and other parts of the world. It’s interesting how the daily view figures hit 15 million during the summer of that same year.

As these numbers increased, “Shorts” publicity has increased across more than 100 countries. Recently, Google reported that views counted in a day on “YouTube Shorts” reached a massive 50 billion. YouTube Shorts started strong and could take over the world as soon as its publicity continued. This is strong proof that YouTube still leads in feeding our eyes and captivating us with new revolutionary things.

3. 70% of the Shorts on YouTube Are Over 15 Seconds.

As far back as 2020, you can find Shorts’ duration roughly above fifteen seconds. However, as the United States and other countries grasped the feature, YouTube raised the limit on the length of what could be posted under “Shorts.” Again, this upgrade was embraced by creators and viewers alike.

As a result, you can find up to 72% of videos in “Shorts,” whose lengths range from 16 to 60 secondsAs we have it, those dedicated to making short, entertaining, or informational content craft their ways to pass messages quickly. This feature is awesome; we can get motivated, enlightened, or alerted in roughly a minute. 

4. “Shorts” Makers Can Remix Sound From Other Videos from the Platform.

This is great news for content makers because, most times, it’s quite demanding to source the internet for copyright-free audio. So, with this, they can reuse sounds in their content and still have no copyright issues. Notably, YouTube works with 250+ producers and labels, so its library is an all-inclusive place for audio tracks. Therefore, you can find background music perfect for your video, funny effects, cinematic soundtracks, and lots more. This attribute is an advantage the platform has over its competitors. 

5. Records Show that Two Billion+ Individuals Use YouTube Every Month.

Why won’t this number be voluminous, where the platform serves multiple purposes and meets the needs of almost all humans? It’s the second most-visited website worldwide, right after Google. Again, it’s the second most-used search engine out there. Isn’t that interesting? You’ll find educative videos and assistance on this platform if you’re medically inclined. YouTube is home to all kinds of content, including tech, electronics, talent displays, etc.

You can watch and download videos whenever you wish. In addition to serving needs, thousands of businesses are on the platform, and some have affiliate partnerships with top digital organizations. With the short, info-infused content, viewers find exactly what they are looking for, and once they do, the next thing is hitting the link in the description and making their purchasesHow better and easier can it get? So, the fact that YouTube records so many visitors each month is not overhyped. It’s the pure truth.

6. It is Easier to Get Long-Term Subscribers Using Shorts on YouTube,

Let’s share a top secret with you for free. With Shorts, you can get organic subscribers who will be active, engaged, and supportive of the channels. Here’s another free tip: make series-based shorts instead of passing your whole message in a 3–5-minute clip. Reduce the lengthiness of your videos to fifteen seconds and make them a series.

7. In April 2022, the Original Content on “Shorts” Amassed a Hundred Billion Views.

People now cut their long videos into short clips. It’s the new trend, a way of bringing your content among the first videos that appear when people search for stuff on YouTube. The records tell us that up to 100 billion people viewed these short clips as of April last year. Isn’t that incredible? But this wasn’t spontaneous; it didn’t come out of the blue. Do you know why? It happened because YouTube pays more attention to short videos than long ones.

8. Shorts’ Creators Can Get a 100 Million YouTube “Shorts Fund.”

You probably didn’t know about the shorts fund, or did you? It’s as real as sunrise! YouTube has a funding program for short videos. You can partake in it if you start making Shorts on YouTube instead of long ones. You are surprised by it, I know. I felt the same when I first heard about it, too. It’s YouTube’s little way of appreciating its users’ activities. But the idea is not just to compensate content creators.

The shorts fund is also a fuel that encourages resourceful talents and knowledgeable creators. Don’t let this pass by for nothing. “Shorts” can be your stepping stone and your medium of income. It’s not a joke! For the past two years, users with massive engagements on their content have gotten huge support from fans. Most of them made $100 to $10,000 from just short videos.

9. The Shortest Video on the Platform Had 581 Million+ Views.

As we said earlier, our Gen Z don’t like lengthy stuff. Whether reading or streaming, their time is precious, and they love it that way. But they can spare more time if the content is worth it. And how do you make it worthwhile? It’s simply by posting engaging and interesting contentWe recently found one interesting thing on YouTube: a very short 30-second clip. You won’t believe how many people viewed that clip. It got a massive 581 million views, and we are sure it won’t stop there.

More people will still watch it? How much do you think that channel will make? Do you know the channel that posted it? It’s 5-Minute Craft! The clip was about making a human foot-shaped soap. It sounds interesting, right? 5-Minute Craft posted it on April 11, 2021, and it made waves within minutes. Besides the massive number of views, the clip got 11,000,000 likes and 33,000 comments. You may be shocked at the number of views and engagements the video shot has received since it’s existed for two years. Indeed, Shorts are powerful, especially when they are catchy, informative, and engaging at the same time.

10. There Are Many Income Streams As a “Shorts” Creator on YouTube.

Believe us when we say you can make money from this platform. While we reviewed and crawled the internet, here are simple ways you can be part of the Shorts Creators Fund. Check them out:

  • YouTube Partner Program
  • Ticketed events
  • BrandConnect
  • Super Stickers
  • Super Chat
  • Merchandising
  • Super Thanks
  • Channel Memberships

While most creators leverage YouTube’s traditional long-form video formats, the company acknowledges a gap in monetizing short-form content. Thus, YouTube has pledged to develop a long-term business model tailored to compensate Shorts creators beyond one-off incentives like the Shorts Fund. 

11. Subscribers on the Platform Come From  100+ Countries of the World.

This fact implies that the platform has become known in over 100 countries. Furthermore, it’s been used in 80 languages to ensure its subscribers are comfortable on the platform.

12. The Length of Almost Seventy-Two Percent of “Shorts” on YouTube Falls Within 16-60 Seconds.

Shorts are mostly 15 seconds long, but creators extend them at various points to suit the information in the video. According to statistics, more than seventy percent of YouTube Shorts are longer than 15 seconds. Furthermore, roughly seventy-two percent of such content lasts 16 to 60 seconds.

General YouTube Statistics

General Stats

Now that we’ve explored the fun facts and stats of YouTube “Shorts,” join us to look into YouTube itself and how it’s blowing up so far. Let’s take a second to appreciate the absolute hero YouTube itself has become! We throw around terms like “viral videos” without realizing just how mammoth YouTube’s grip on internet video has gotten. So before we gaze further into the YouTube Shorts crystal ball, let me toss out some outstanding stats about the Goliath we know as YouTube general. I think it puts the power of Shorts into perspective when you understand the foundations it’s built on

We’re talking billions of users, millions of hours watched per day, and a rare company amongst the world’s biggest websites. This isn’t your traditional video site anymore! Just a few jaw-dropping digits to wrap your head around first. $15 billion was paid last year to Shorts creators, sheesh! Five hundred hours of footage uploaded per minute! Two billion logged-in viewers every single month! We haven’t even scratched the surface yet, either! Let’s expand our brains about the epic scale YouTube operates already. The Shorts explosion makes sense when factoring in the world domination in progress.

13. Over 2 Billion People Make Use of YouTube Monthly.

Even though Facebook boasts over 2.7 billion members, YouTube still draws over 2 billion logged-in viewers monthly! How incredible is that? We’re talking about the second-largest website on the planet here; no other video site on Earth even comes close on the scale. Netflix brags about its couple hundred million subscribers, but that’s a teardrop in the ocean compared to YouTube’s reach. YouTube is the undisputed champ when it comes to online video. And check this out – those 2 billion registered users don’t even tell the whole story!

Who knows how many millions more watch YouTube without ever making an account? For real, though, between no-account lurkers and folks not logging in that month for some reason, you have to believe total actual viewers are way higher month-to-month. So next time you dismiss YouTube as some casual site for cat videos, be reminded that his platform’s a certified titan of Internet land. The numbers say so, and the culture reflects it – not wrong to say YouTube is the ultimate video king.

14. Over 81% of American Adults Use YouTube.

It’s no secret some countries love YouTube more than others, but good old U.S. adults are way into it. We’re talking a wild 81% of American grown-ups visiting YouTube regularly! Significantly, YouTube is crushing Facebook’s American activity, which is just 68% of adults, and Instagram, about 40%. So, for now, YouTube takes the cake as America’s favorite video platform.

And that 81% figure keeps increasing yearly as more folks hop aboard the YouTube train. No surprises if soon, nine out 10 Americans are watching everything from music videos to old Survivor clips on repeat via YouTube! In the internet race for eyeballs, YouTube’s thoroughly trouncing the competition here stateside. Although maybe slightly concerned about YouTube’s productivity levels, – at least it is marked as the No. 1 streaming platform.

15. In America, 77% of People Aged 15 to 35 Use YouTube.

YouTube has cultivated strong traction with the broader American adult population and perhaps even more so amongst teens and young adults. Recent numbers show a massive 77% of 15 to 35-year-olds actively use YouTube – only slightly less than overall U.S. adults. This reveals how fundamentally engrained YouTube is in youth culture and how it serves influential early adopters who introduce platforms to the mainstream for years to come. Where apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram eventually outgrew their college roots, YouTube maintains that connection.

The gap between juvenile and mature usage is much slimmer for YouTube than rival social media sites, which mostly outpace younger demographics over time. That large viewership consistency across nearly all age segments speaks powerfully to YouTube’s versatility as an entertainment and information resource. Interestingly, children and young creators pioneered YouTube’s playful early identity centered on gaming or comedy. On the other hand, the platform kept pace as users matured, matching their evolving interests. The numbers validate YouTube’s success at retaining diverse crowds longitudinally. Critics expect the video giant to fad fade its adhesive qualities, binding old and young viewership impressively for over 17 years and counting.

16. 80% of American Parents With Children Under 11 Years Old Report Watching YouTube.

Check this out – nowadays, kids prefer YouTube over regular boring T.V. 80% of American parents with young kids under 11 say they catch their kids glued to YouTube all the time! More than half of those parents admit their little ones are on YouTube daily, unlike the traditional means – T.V. that occupied every kid’s attention after school. With engaging cartoons, game streams, and toy unboxing, YouTube comes out swinging. Factually, most social media require you to be at least 13 years old to sign up. But YouTube and video apps give no hoots about age limits – entertain the kiddos and keep them quiet for their parents!

So these sites swooped in to grab childhood eyeballs that traditionally watched family T.V. together. Surprisingly, this generation of YouTube babies will only double down as they grow up, and by age 13, they’ll be full-on creators and comment trolls! We mean the TikTokers and live streamers of tomorrow getting their start right now glued to iPads playing Ryan’s World all evening. T.V.s are now considered a traditional means of watching interesting content, presenting the new video hub, YouTube. So, long live YouTube for the toddler takeover!

17. In 2020, 72% of Individuals Used YouTube For Fitness or Exercise Purposes.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, YouTube became the go-to spot for staying fit since hitting the gym wasn’t an option for most of us. Around 72% of people turned to YouTube for workout videos to stay healthy while stuck at home. These reports show how much we relied on the platform for other purposes other than entertainment. For this, many businesses took the grand opportunity, and yes, they gained massive views by 515% as of March 2020.

Furthermore, viewers turned the platform into their virtual classroom to learn everything from Craft and academics to guidance and advice. Even though we’re free from the quarantine, we still depend on YouTube for more reliable findings and assistance.

18. Gaming Content Got Over 100 Billion Watch Hours Three Years Ago.

Would you ever believe that YouTube isn’t only the home for viral videos? Well, if you think of entertainment at its peak, imagine YouTube. Furthermore, it is way bigger than Twitch and other specialized sites, and again, it’s among the top spots for live gaming! According to records, there are over 40 million active gaming channels on the site, and guess what? More than 80 thousand of those have over 100k subscribers. It’s not just teens in their bedrooms—there are big-time media empires focused on streaming games all day. Some of the most famous YouTubers made it big through gaming.

They saw the platform’s potential early on and started sharing their Minecraft adventures. Minecraft streams rule the views even now, and that’s just the beginning of YouTube’s gaming scene. Any gamer can start streaming, build a following in this growing community, and maybe even hit it big with partnerships and fame. A talented kid last week could become a millionaire media star this week—that’s the gaming reality on YouTube now!

19. Between March and July 2020, the Viewership of Videos with ‘Beginner’ in the Title Experienced a 50% Increase.

YouTube has provided information and knowledge, particularly for users who want to learn new stuff. Notably, the number of visits to the platform grew significantly during the global pandemic in 2020. At the time, records hold that YouTube received up to 50% additional attention from viewers, bringing the total number to 9 billion in 2020 alone. Furthermore, research finds that about 82% of the world’s population uses the platform to gain knowledge. Interestingly, 66% of Germans leveraged the service to learn new hobbies in 2020, while 92% of Indians find the platform a good spot for DIY videos. Besides educational purposes, the platform was also handy for learning practical things like makeup and repairing objects.

Notably, the beauty aspect got almost 50% viewership, while those related to fixing objects surged to 90%. Even niche interests thrived, which include videos on raising chickens doubled in daily views. Guitar lessons accumulated 160 million views in just March and April alone, no doubt fueling a boom of pandemic garage bands. Despite cramped quarters, over 6 million sought container gardening guidance to cultivate green thumbs. YouTube creators rushed to meet the demand for coping skills amid global crises. Uploads of self-care and self-love-themed videos soared by over 215%. The platform’s breadth helped audiences nurture mental, physical, and emotional health while confined indoors. Utilizing YouTube’s knowledge exchange aided many in enduring shutdown challenges.

20. On Average, Each Daily Visitor on YouTube Checks Out 8.89 Pages.

Interestingly, YouTube visits are not just casual watching a clip or two and leaving. On average, they consume enough content to click through almost nine pages of video listings during a single site visit. Such extended viewing duration and deeper content exploration provide expanded opportunities for driving viewers to new videos. This engagement potential should capture marketers’ attention as well. The data highlights that YouTube users have significant staying power versus rival social media. After landing on the platform to watch an intended target piece, they willingly dive deeper into recommended and related videos.

Rather than bouncing away post-viewing, they linger within YouTube’s content ecosystem. That tendency and frequency for binge-watching additional material indicate YouTube could offer brands more avenues to reach target consumers through strategic video placement and messaging. There’s a higher likelihood of capturing viewers’ eyeballs beyond an initial ad exposure or embedded promotion. Capitalizing further on audiences already actively navigating video content represents a compelling way for advertisers to break through the visual clutter.

21. Smartphones Contribute 40.9% of the Total Watch Time on YouTube.

Most of us watch YouTube on our phones instead of desktops because we always have those pocket computers on hand! Whenever people have a few minutes to burn, they flip open their phones and peep at some funny clips or music videos. It’s easier to zone out on our tiny mobile screens no matter where we’re chilling. That’s why over 70% of YouTube views will come from smartphones in 2023, which is even higher considering that anybody can check YouTube without logging in. Millions tap and watch rather than make accounts, you know? So, if you’ve some business trying to hit up younger crowds, optimizing ads for mobile is a must.

Like, think vertical dimensions, compact file sizes, and crystal-clear audio – cater to the phone junkies! It’s not like the desktop days were fuzzy video slides compared to the H.D. sharpness that’s the norm now. Start freshening that channel strategy if brands want to catch eyeballs through YouTube without buying billboards or Super Bowl spots. Shooting video landscapes for T.V.s or horizontally for desktops won’t cut it anymore. Vertical mobile video is dominating, and it’s time to pivot hard if you’re not game-making for smartphones already!

22. 94.5% of America’s Over-the-Top (OTT) Viewers Are Tuning into YouTube.

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to streaming video content to television rather than watching traditional T.V. programming. Statistics show that YouTube has now overtaken conventional television as what most Americans watch daily on their T.V. sets. Most U.S. households use a streaming device to view YouTube on their largest screen, choosing it over traditional cable or news channels.

Even legacy services like Netflix now trail YouTube for living room watch-time amongst Americans. This signals a definitive shift whereby internet video platforms like YouTube have disrupted traditional television to become the digital media’s prime source of video entertainment. Americans now decidedly favor accessing YouTube over the top on their televisions rather than defaulting to conventional T.V. networks or programming.

23. 16.4% of YouTube’s Site Traffic Originates From the United States.

You’d think that with YouTube being so popular across America, most of its views come from there. But check this out – the U.S. only drives 16.4% of all YouTube traffic worldwide! Not even a fifth! India represents the second biggest share with 9.2%, then Japan with 4.8%. So, while YouTube kills it stateside engagement-wise, this shows it’s a global phenomenonThink about it – over 80 other countries make up the remaining 70% of views! YouTube connects countless cultures, from rising mobile use across developing regions to international sensation clips crossing languages.

It’s cool to realize that such a staple website in American pop culture relies heavily on foreign fanbase engagement. Views span continents, yet we share the same viral moments; whether it’s music, comedy, commentary, or anything visual, YouTube brings worldwide relevance. So, here’s a shout-out to the non-American MVPs streaming their hearts out! With YouTube, everyone, everywhere, can chip in. Viewers in India, Japan, Brazil, and around the globe make the YouTube world go round just as much as folks in the U.S.! 

24. 56% of YouTube Users Are Male.

According to data, males dominate the audience regarding who uses YouTube. Statistics show that 56% of YouTube and YouTube Shorts viewers are men, while 44% are women. So, while there are still plenty of popular female creators and users on the platform, YouTube leans more significantly towards male viewership. Men make up over half of the visitors engaging with YouTube’s massive content catalog, including the increasingly popular Shorts video clip.

Women comprise a strong minority on YouTube but have yet to reach audience parity with their male counterparts. The platform certainly doesn’t lack influential women who are content producers or interested in female viewership. But for now, YouTube usage tilts males by 12 percentage points over women based on consumption metrics across the site.


No doubt we’ve all scrolled through YouTube for hours thanks to that mysterious algorithm sending us a platform filled with clips. With over 2 billion monthly visitors flocking in for entertainment, YouTube still stands supreme regarding our streaming addiction!

The Shorts feature has doubled this feat. It’s yet another antic YouTube uses to reel us in with bite-sized vertical video magic. We are talking about over 50 billion Shorts views daily! That’s what happens when you let creators remix viral sounds into 15-second clips or less. It’s pure catnip for mobile viewers like us.

So, instead of long, elaborate productions, Shorts lets YouTubers whip up fast content that quickly hits our sweet spot despite the shrinking attention span. It keeps viewer engagement way simpler when you cater to their scrolling impulse with quick-hit entertainment. So whether you’ve lost track of how many Shorts started auto-playing during a YouTube session lately, or you somehow have the restraint not to dive in, it seems the site has officially conquered every flavor of video. We all called streaming the future – well, YouTube prepared early to own that prophecy outright! 


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