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Building up your character and being a team player is critical in Helldivers 2. A mission is doomed from the start if you only look out for yourself, but you might be overlooking an easy way to give yourself and your squad some extra support. Boosters are just one of the many ways to customize your trooper, but perhaps one of the most important.

These aren’t handed out automatically, so if you don’t know how to get them or, even more importantly, what they do, you are putting yourself at a needless disadvantage. We’re here to train you on all the Boosters in Helldivers 2 and how to get and equip them for your next mission.

All Boosters in Helldivers 2

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There are only seven Boosters in Helldivers 2 that unlock in sequence, so it may be worth grabbing one early, even if you spy one more to your taste if it won’t unlock for quite a while. Note that Booster effects do not stack if more than one player in your team has them, so try to make sure everyone has a unique one equipped. Here’s every Booster and what they do.

Hellpod Space Optimization

  • Ensures that each player on the team starts each mission with full ammo, grenades, and stims.

Vitality Enhancement

  • All players gain an increased resistance to injury

UAV Recon Booster

  • Increase your radar effective range

Stamina Enhancement

  • Boosts everyone’s max stamina and how quickly it recovers

Muscle Enhancement

  • Makes it easier to traverse across terrain

Increased Reinforcement Budget

  • Gives you more reinforcements

Flexible Reinforcement Budget

  • Makes reinforcements spawn faster

How to get Boosters

Boosters are obtained only by going to the Acquisitions Center and into the Helldivers Mobilise! Warbond battle pass. From there, Boosters start showing up on pages 3 through 9, with Flexible Reinforcement Budget as an exception since this one is located in the Stelled Veterans battle pass on page three.

Each one costs a certain number of Medals to unlock, but once you have one, you can either equip it via the Armory in your ship or when setting your loadout before a mission. We suggest doing so in the loadout menu since you can coordinate with your team on which Boosters each person has equipped so no one overlaps.

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