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Wall Street Analyst Linda Jones believes that Ripple might set an unmatched IPO valuation if XRP returns to its all-time high of $3.84. However, Jones’s predictions rest on different imaginary scenarios.

The main factor is the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC. 

Jones believes a favorable resolution could push XRP above its ATH of $3.84. 

Linda Jones Shares Projection For XRP’s Price 

Currently, XRP has an escrow balance of 40.5 billion tokens. According to Jones, if XRP reclaims its ATH, the tokens in the escrow account will increase in value to around $150 billion. 

Also, Jones stated that if this scenario plays out, then there must be a commensurate rise in the value of Ripple stocks. 

Jones stated that Ripple stocks might hit a value of $350 billion or even rise to 500 trillion dollars. However, she noted that Ripple’s current revenue figures will be vital in determining its valuation. 

Nevertheless, Jones admits that her forecasts are largely speculative but remains optimistic about Ripple’s potential. 

Bill Morgan Raises Doubts On Ripple Going Public 

Pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan, in reaction to Linda Jones’s predictions, raised questions about the possibility of such an event. In the video, Jones also stated that Ripple could go public in 2024, and mid-May would be the ideal time for such an event. 

However, Bill Morgan asked how Ripple would go public amidst its legal battles with the US SEC. 

According to the court order he attached on X, the last motion in the case is the remedies stage of the lawsuit. This motion will be filed on April 29, 2024. 

Therefore, the final judgment on the case may occur weeks after the last motion of the case has been filed. This could extend the timeframe for the judgment to May 2024 or beyond. 

To support Jones’s speculations, a CNBC report revealed that Ripple explored markets outside the U.S. for an initial public offering (IPO). However, the CEO revealed that the company has currently put plans for an IPO on hold.

The executives will likely explore the public listing option after the lawsuit with the SEC ends. 

Also, Garlinghouse noted that the SEC actions have contributed to the delay in Ripple going public, citing Coinbase as an example. According to the executive, Coinbase has their S-1 approved, and the SEC is suing them for complying with terms in their S-1.

Notably, the SEC sued Coinbase in 2023, claiming they acted as an unregistered broker and exchange. Regarding how XRP is faring in the market, the token price remains at $0.5.

Even when Ripple moved 80 million XRP tokens from the total of 200 million unlocked in January, the effect of this movement on XRP’s price was not pronounced. 

So, for now, predictions from analysts such as Jones rest on the positive resolution of the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit in favor of XRP as it will likely affect XRP’s price and prospects.

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